This is me, Gary.  I decided to write as I have found joy and success in creating.  My brain thinks of creative, artistic ways to bring joy to others. Now that I am retired from my law enforcement career, I am thrilled I can now focus on my passion of creative writing. I have learned the value of details in writing, as my thousands of police reports had to be detailed for legal purposes, causing me to sharpen my descriptive detailing skills, which will be an asset as I describe things in my fictional stories. I have written creative training scripts, as I feel folks can learn better if they are entertained while learning. Artistically I have won several holiday light competitions, beating out over 700 homes in my neighborhood, including most original. Each year we get about 2,000 folks on Halloween night that come from all over to go through my creatively done haunted maze, which includes Werewolf Woods. My wife Lesley and I created the haunt themed food truck HAUNT DAWGZ, which we ran for a little over two years, which was our plan. I didn’t want Lesley to work in that hot kitchen forever, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone! Our food truck built momentum with fans quickly, winning ten (10) awards in our short two plus years, getting voted #1 by the public. People enjoyed the fun experience of our haunt themed truck, in addition to Chef Lesley’s award winning food. Our trademarked creative logo of a werewolf eating a chili dog, (drawn by Hanna-Barbera cartoon artist Dave High), has been photographed thousands of times. The same creativity that brought the successful Haunt Dawgz food truck, is alive and well with Haunt Dawgz the novel trilogy.

While Haunt Dawgz travels the unavoidable editing and publishing trail, please enjoy my. supernatural and fantasy short stories on the blog section of my site. Oh yeah…I’m from So-Cal, I love travel adventures with my R.V. (Ariel the Airstream), and I love baseball. Hey! Give me a break…this is the “About Me” page!

Pre-Haunt Dawgz Food Truck…Lesley the life saver (literally)!  9-1-1 Dispatcher.