Greetings spirits…Please enjoy my short stories!  I hope they entertain you while I continue writing my novel series, HAUNT DAWGZ.  Book one is complete and books two and three are outlined.  I am in the final stages of editing book one, then the journey to publication!  In Haunt Dawgz, you will follow the lives of Hunter and Beau, a couple of fun, hard working Los Angeles guys in their early twenties who are faced with a most unique personal issue. They run a popular food truck as their day job, have relationships with girlfriends, have a close circle of friends, but have a deep dark secret and unique bond between them they can’t share.  The unbelievable odds they would be in the right place, at the right time, with the right conditions, happened. Unfortunately the perfect storm gave them the ability to morph into powerful werewolves.

Although they share this stressful side of them, Hunter and Beau use the goodness that lives inside them as humans, changing their negative to a positive, becoming crime fighting werewolves by night…or day.

I bring an element of expertise to Haunt Dawgz, as I have owned and ran an award winning food truck as well as having been a crime fighter for many years.  The only thing I haven’t been is a werewolf…seriously, I haven’t been one.

So while Haunt Dawgz journeys down the editing and publishing trail, please enjoy my short stories and other entertaining entries I will post in the blog section here on my website.

Laugh everyday, and be well!